The presence of an individual on the internet brings with it the challenge of discovering & balancing new social/cultural parameters such as private & public realms or responsibility & liberty. I’m looking forward to resolving the implications that I am not yet aware of in this project.


I am considering a link to Facebook for publicity but I would like more balance between commercial, cultural & not just social interests. I am hoping to gain from motivation & evolution.

Striving to attain the unattainable!


... or just doing what comes naturally?


It would appear I am at last leaving the freefall & eventually getting round to being productive in terms of putting this website together.


Please pardon its incompleteness. Indeed some sections will need constant updating so I may consider the addition of a blog at a later date. I hope you enjoy browsing.


Architectural Technician / Graphic Designer


Seeking work in or close to Bristol.



I have about 8 years experience in architecture as both a technologist & a graphic designer. This has been spent with AWW one of the largest practices in Bristol.


The economic situation that we find ourselves in sadly ended my employment with them last year & since then I have been looking for similar work.


My strength is in AutoCAD Architecture which I have used to good effect by exploiting the 3D data to enhance service to the client in terms of speed, accuracy & quality of information produced.


I also have graphics skills & whilst     I  haven’t     been  in   a professional graphics role for about 4 years or so, I have kept

these skills up to date. I have a fully licensed copy of the latest CS4 Design Premium from Adobe & can undertake occasional freelance work even at short notice.


If there are any potential employers out there, you can download a CV by clicking here.


No Agencies



Ars longa, vita brevis


Life is too short to teach yourself latin ... or AS3